Cosmetic Webinar Regulations # 26 Evaluation of cosmetic products intended for babies






Cosmetic Webinar Regulations #26




 Thursday, September 22, 2022




A sensitive population that requires a specific assessment


In the program


  • General principles of cosmetic safety assessment
  • Specificities of the baby assessment
  • Future developments _ Points to watch out for



Our partner :

Eurofins EVIC France



Franck CHEVASSON – Expert Toxicologist





What is a Cosmetic Regulation Webinar?


The Cosmetic Webinar Regulations aim to provide practical and up-to-date information in French on cosmetic regulations at national, European and international level.

They rely on our partners, experts who position themselves on a current regulatory topic and on the content they wish to share.


What is the process?

These 1-hour webinars are in the format of 3 presentation sessions + questions/answers





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Nathalie SIMONIN