A new international claim for the French industry

With the signature FRANCE CARES FOR YOUR SKIN, Cosmetic Valley reminds us of the leadership of the French industry, and places it in a promise that becomes a mission of public interest, valorizing the whole industry.

Cosmetics are at the forefront of major issues for the decades to come: environmental responsibility and ecological transition, of course; but through its ability to influence common societal standards, it is naturally a key player in the well-being of individuals. Feeling good about yourself contributes to a balanced physical and mental health. Today, brands and organizations must position themselves on a clear promise, connected to today's issues - and it
is the territory of "care" that has naturally imposed itself as the symbol of the main utility of cosmetics.

This new proposal of the notion of "care" can be the long-term foundation that establishes the industry in a mission of common good, and that connects to the five founding pillars addressed by COSMETIC VALLEY in the book "Manifesto of the Cosmetics of the 21st Century":

  • Universal utility
  • Human well-being
  • Responsibility towards the living
  • Freedom
  • Scientific progress

Beyond its "beauty" promise, it’s indeed through "care" that the industry will play a major role in protecting the skin in an increasingly aggressive environment - climate, pollution -.
In the future, the sector could possibly better assume this role, by finding a new place in preventive public health policies.

"Skin" is a key word, a return to the basics: from fragrances to skincare to make-up, the definition of a cosmetic product is included in the French Public Health Code (article L.5131-1). It is common to all Member States of the European Union: "A cosmetic product is a substance or preparation intended to be placed in contact with the various surface parts of the human body (...)".

The skin, the largest organ of the human body, has several vital functions: protection (against the environment, dehydration, sunlight), perception and sensitivity, thanks to the many nerve endings it contains. It plays a key role in the general metabolism (thermal regulation by sweating, synthesis of vitamin D under the action of solar rays). The skin also represents the human being as it constitutes his body envelope, his outlines, his physical existence.