Continuing education

At the service of the French sector, we have been committed since our origins to developing employability in the territories and to promoting the development of skills of each actor.

Training organization since 2011, over the years we have acquired expertise allowing us to provide you with quality training that is ever closer to the reality of your professions.

Obtaining Qualiopi certification in 2020 bears witness to this. It is a real mark of recognition for our organization. It endorses the rigor of our work, our search for appropriate methods and relevant educational content that we work with our expert trainers.

You have two options: - Register for our remote or face-to-face training modules in Chartres (referral to FP)

- Ask us to set up tailor-made training within your company (training module developed specifically for you based on your specifications). 1. You identify a training need within your company 2. Call for Cosmetic Valley Formation 3. You define specifications 4. Cosmetic Valley sources one or more experts and creates your tailor-made training module with the trainer 5 Holding the training on your site