Solar trend: Funscreen

Is the funscreen the answer to the “sunscreen paradox”?

The "sunscreen paradox" comes from the fact that 74% of consumers seek protection against cancer with sunscreen products.

They often forget to reapply the product on time in the carefree activities outdoors.

The funscreen takes over solar products!

A new wave of entrepreneurs is embarking on a mission to make solar products more attractive by focusing on fun, playful, collaborative products that are in line with consumer expectations. The sensory of the formulas progresses towards more fluid and light textures, without greasy effect or white veil after application.

Learn more about solar trends, but also the new generations of UV filters which are still being prepared on the benches.

"Julien's Gaze - Solar"

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By: Julien ROMESTANT, Economic Intelligence Director - Cosmetic Valley

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