Collective Innovation White Paper for the perfumery/cosmetics sector

COSMETIC VALLEY brought together and questioned the Industrial Scientific Committee of the Sector, made up of around forty companies of all sizes and representatives of different links in the sector, as well as many other French companies. These different players worked together for several months to redefine the challenges and common themes of innovation. These challenges and themes are described in a White Paper, making it possible to set priorities for collective action to boost innovation in the sector.

The themes defined are as follows:

- Digitization of the sector

- New technologies and industrial transfer

- Product development and evaluation

- Measurement and control of impacts

- Sustainable development

- Organic Sourcing

These themes are dealt with in numerous actions carried out by COSMETIC VALLEY and by players in the sector. It gives priority areas to work on in the years to come.

To download this Collective Innovation White Paper follow this link: