Beauty Hub: The start of the new Beauty Up promotion





 This week, a particularly important event took place, the start of the 2022 school year for the new À°ÂÂ©À°ÂÂ«À°ÂÂ¨À°ÂÂ¦À° ÂÂ¨ °ÂŸ"œ at the Beauty Hub. ¢š¡

Welcome to our À°ÂŸ"œ new recruits! A time of exchanges and encounters where the À°ÂÂ§À°ÂÂ¨À°ÂÂ®À° ÂÂ¯To°ÂÂžTo°ÂÂÂ¥To°ÂÂÂ¥To°ÂÂžTo°ÂÂ¬ To°ÂÂ¬ To°ÂÂÂTo°ÂÂÅ¡To°ÂÂ«To°ÂÂÂTo°ÂÂ®To°ÂÂ©To°ÂÂ ¬ were able to present themselves but also participate in a first À°ÂÂÅ¡À°ÂÂÂÀ°ÂÂžÀ°ÂÂÂ¥À°ÂÂ¢À° ÂÂžÀ°ÂÂ«.. À°Å¸"˜â‚¬


BeautyMix is a French brand that offers a miniature lab to make its natural cosmetics at home. BeautyMix is: a connected automatic robot, a selection of quality natural cosmetic ingredients and a mobile application that guides you step by step. Created by a passionate about homemade cosmetics, its ambition is to distinguish itself by its innovative robot as well as by the quality, simplicity and transparency of its products.


EMOVA is the 1st virtual fitting service for fashion items (jewellery, hair, makeup) around the face based on your exact digital twin. Marketed in a SaaS model with companies that sell products on the internet, EMOVA allows the customer (The Brand) to maximize their immersive online experience and to act on product returns.


KéaBot fights against the waste of cosmetics but not only parapharmacy too! Their mission is to reference unsold items among several of their partners on their website. In three clicks, you can pick up your products near you, while being certain of the quality of these products and reassured about your environmental impact.


NeuroKyma offers an innovative solution, stemming from Neurosciences, based on the processing of the Electro- EncephaloGraphic (EEG) signal of the brain. NeuroKyma designs and produces, using Artificial Intelligence, a unit of measurement called Neuromarker . This technology makes it possible to evaluate the emotional benefit of a cosmetic product during its application (cream, perfumes, etc.).


Popmii is a SaaS platform that allows you to create and deploy immersive and interactive 3D marketing experiences. (Augmented reality & 3D viewer ).

For 6 months, they will be accompanied on a sectoral basis. A dedicated mentor, awareness workshops and access to a pool of business experts will be put in place to accelerate their projects to the final funding pitch.

To find out more about the different opportunities offered by the Beauty Hub, it's here: