Innovation: 6 projects labeled in April 2022

INNOVATION IS AT THE HEART of the Cosmetic Valley division. À°Å¸"˜Â©‍À°Å¸"¬

Every year, À°ÂÂÂÀ°ÂÂžÀ°ÂÂ¬ À°ÂÂ©À°ÂÂ«À°ÂÂ¨À °ÂÂ£To°ÂÂžTo°ÂÂÂTo°ÂÂ¬ To°ÂÂ¢To°ÂÂ§To°ÂÂ §À°ÂÂ¨À°ÂÂ¯À°ÂÂÅ¡À°ÂÂ§À°ÂÂÂÀ°ÂÂ¬, resting on collaborations À°ÂÂ©À°ÂÂ®À°ÂÂ"ºÀ°ÂÂÂ¥À°ÂÂ¢À°ÂÂÅ“À °ÂÂ¬/À°ÂÂ©À°ÂÂ«À°ÂÂ¢À°ÂÂ¯À°ÂÂžÀŒÂÀ° ÂÂ¬, are supported by Cosmetic Valley and are then appraised by its Scientific Expertise Committee .

In this month at the beginning of April, 6 projects have been labeled:

- N ew antimicrobial peptides derived from Spirulina
- Chemical characterization and bio-activities of essential oils and floral waters

- Controlled release of cannabidiol
- Natural eutectic solvent for the formulation of cosmetic products

- Biobased polyfunctional molecules for cosmetic applications

- Design tools for the development of a cosmetic product for decision support

Naturalness, CSR, Safety, Performance, Digitalization, New technologies, so many subjects that develop innovation in the sector. À°Å¸"¬

À°ÂÂ"˜À°ÂÂÅ¡À°ÂÂ©À°ÂÂ©À°ÂÂžÀ°ÂÂÂ¥ : À°Â ÂÂÀ°ÂÂ¨À°ÂÂ®À°ÂÂ«À°ÂÂªÀ°ÂÂ®À°ÂÂ ¨À°ÂÂ¢ À°ÂÂŸÀ°ÂÂÅ¡À°Â°ÂÂ¢À°ÂÂ«À°ÂÂž À° ÂÂÂ¥À°ÂÂÅ¡À°ÂÂ"ºÀ°ÂÂžÀŒÂÀ°ÂÂÂ¥À°ÂÂ¢À°Â ¬To°ÂÂžTo°ÂÂ“To°ÂÂ¯To°ÂÂ¨To°ÂÂÂTo°ÂÂ«To°Â Âž To°ÂÂ©To°ÂÂ«To°ÂÂ¨To°ÂÂ£To°ÂÂžTo°ÂÂ To °ÂÂ©À°ÂÂÅ¡À°ÂÂ« À°ÂÂ"šÀ°ÂÂ¨À°ÂÂ¬À°Â Â¦À°ÂÂžÀ°ÂÂÂÀ°ÂÂ¢À°ÂÂÅ“ À°ÂÂ-À°ÂÂÅ¡À°Â ÂÂ¥À°ÂÂÂ¥À°ÂÂžÀ°ÂÂ²?
> Obtain the official support of the profession
> Discuss with scientific experts on your project
> Provide a deposit for your financing request
> Benefit from the promotion and communication of the cluster on your innovation when you are ready for it

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To follow: Examples of collaborative projects supported by the cluster. °Ÿ"™Â¡