Beauty Fab Tech #3 - Saving electrical energy - October 20, 2022




Energy prices (electricity, gas, water) continue to rise at an alarming rate. Industries are therefore looking for ways to save resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Today, systems to be installed on electrical installations exist and are capable of directly reducing electricity consumption, in particular by regulating the voltage.

Participate in our third episode of Beauty Fab Tech, an opportunity for you to learn about one of these electrical energy saving solutions.




Webinar: Saving electrical energy

À°Å¸"œ"¦ Date: October 20, 2022 – 10:00 a.m.

À°Å¸-"˜ Format: One-hour webinar in French

À°Å¸"œÂ¢ Speakers: Jean-Philippe Striegel & Jeanine Wach, EFFIENERGY


In the program :

  • Energy saving through voltage regulation
  • Operation of Effi-save, electrical voltage regulator
  • Presentation of Effi-Save and feedback from a cosmetic customer




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