Aerosol: eco-design and performance

Encapsulation and Innovation in Cosmetics: Take part in the Innovation Challenges!

COSMETIC VALLEY actively supports innovation, particularly in the field of encapsulation for the perfume-cosmetics industry.

In 2017, the cluster certified the MISTIC project, which develops intelligent materials for stimulated release of cosmetic bioactives. This ambitious project aims to create biosourced polymers capable of releasing active ingredients in response to a stimulus, whether internal (physiological state of the skin) or external (temperature).

MISTIC has developed two types of capsules:

  • Capsules sensitive to skin oxidation for anti-oxidant active ingredients.
  • Heat-activated capsules for skin or hair applications.

Are you developing or wishing to develop technology in this area to advance innovation in cosmetics? ๐Ÿš€

Take on the challenges launched by CHANEL, FAREVA, LVMH RECHERCHE, Pharma & Beauty Group and Proya Cosmetics:

  1. How to optimize the effectiveness of an eco-designed formula using new active ingredient encapsulation technologies?
    • Keywords: International regulation, Encapsulation, Vectorization, Ecodesign, Product performance, Formulation

Applications are open from now until July 31, 2024!

For more information and to apply, go to the Cosmetic 360 website then in the INNOVATION CHALLENGES tab.