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Presentation > Cosmetic Valley Missions

Cosmetic Valley Missions

Development of the perfumery cosmetics sector

Cosmetic Valley's mission is to develop the perfumery cosmetics sector in France.


Cosmetic Valley was designated a "competitiveness cluster" by the Inter-ministerial Committee for the Development and Competitiveness of Regions (CIACT) on July 12, 2005. Today it is the worldwide leader in perfumery cosmetics resources and contributes to the development of the perfumery cosmetics sector.


With the backing of local authorities, Cosmetic Valley leads a network of businesses and research and training centres committed to a joint approach based on a dynamic focused on innovation and conquering international markets.

Cosmetic Valley action


business network

Facilitating contacts between perfumery cosmetics industrials :

  • Monthly dinner debate
    Company visits
    Work groups

Research and innovation


Accompagner les projets de recherche et d'innovation en parfumerie cosmétique :

  • Supporting perfumery cosmetics research and innovation projects:
    Engineering projects
    R&D Connections
    Scientific congresses
    Watch newsletter: product launches, ingredients and formulation, packaging, regulations*.

Export support


Supporting businesses on an international level :

  • International trade fairs
    Economic Missions

On-going Training


Improving employees' qualifications :

  • Vocational training (GMP, REACH, Microbiology...)
    General training (Human Resources, Business, Marketing and Communication, ...)

Organised in a vertical integration system, the area covered by Cosmetic Valley includes 500 SMEs/SMIs from the perfumery cosmetics sector working to boost the influence of "Made-in-France" luxury abroad.

Cosmetic Valley has all the tools needed for industry and the research sector


Thanks to its network dynamic, it can promote and deploy synergies within the cluster.
It facilitates the cross-pollination of skills and aids businesses, helping create a favourable environment in which they are able to develop and create jobs.

Developing the attractiveness and profile of the region abroad.

Cosmetic Valley works to boost the international profile of the competitiveness cluster to enable members to enjoy better access to export markets.
It seeks to contribute to the influence of "Made-in-France" luxury and encourage cosmetics and perfumery businesses to come to the region.




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