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Key figures

Key figures for Cosmetic Valley :


The world cosmetics market:
It is estimated at more than 425 billion euros distributors' sale price (source: Euromonitor International, 2011). The main consumer markets in 2011 were (Source: Euromonitor International, 2011):

- Europe, leading world market at 72 billion €;
- The United States: 37.8 billion €,
- Japan: 29.3 billion €.


However, these markets have reached maturity with growth rates levelling off at 2% annually. Growth over the last five years has essentially been in exports, particularly to emerging countries (Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and China) which recorded growth rates for the perfumery cosmetics market varying between 5% and 9%.

The European cosmetics industry, the world leader


The main cosmetics groups worldwide:

Among the leading brands worldwide note the leader L'Oréal (France), Unilever (United Kingdom) in third place, Beiersdorf (Germany) seventh, LVMH and Chanel (France) tenth and eleventh.


A fabric of creative SMEs:

Around these companies a fabric of sub-contractors has grown. In Europe there are now more than 3,000 SMEs producing cosmetics, employing more than 350,000 Europeans directly or indirectly.


Market position:

Within European groups there is a clear difference between Germany and the United Kingdom which are geared mainly towards mass consumption, while France is noted for its more upmarket positioning. This is less susceptible to international competition and is underpinned by Paris's image as the capital of glamour.

The French perfumery cosmetics industry


A cultural heritage :
France stands out through its technological lead, its marketing skills and the image and cultural capital it inherited from the Renaissance and has been cultivating in Grasse since the second Empire.


A very positive trade balance :
All this means the French industry enjoys a position of market dominance with 25% of the global market (source: UN). This performance is more than evident in the export sector as cosmetics is France's second biggest export, after aviation construction products and has the second largest trade surplus (7.6 billion euros in 2010, source: French customs 2010).


Cosmetic Valley: The World's Leading Resource Centre



An industry that carries an entire sector :
Beyond the core business of perfumery and cosmetics, cosmetics products require supplies from packaging, primary materials and testing industries. The majority of these suppliers are specialists in the perfumery cosmetics market and contribute to research and innovation of cosmetics products.


Cosmetic Valley: The World's Leading Resource Centre :
Cosmetic Valley is representative of this sector. Within the core business of perfumery cosmetics, Cosmetic Valley represents 18% of French company manpower and 28% of French salaried employees (105,000 salaried employees, source: FEBEA) and 53 % of national turnover.



Key figures for Cosmetic Valley :

The cosmetics industrial sector :

- 800 businesses present in the region (of which 50% are members of the competitiveness cluster)
- 90,000 employees
- 26 billion € turnover


Cosmetics research: 

- 175 Research and Development projects officially backed by the cluster worth 280 million € (as of 31/12/2015)
- 8 universities
- 226 State laboratories
- 8,200 researchers (public and private)





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