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How the Charter works

Convinced of the need to publicise the actions its members were taking for the environment, Cosmetic Valley has decided to put in place a collective continual progress action "For an environmentally-friendly Cosmetic Valley".


The awarding of "peonies" indicates the commitment of the organisations to voluntary action, whatever their size or their activity. There are several levels of environmental performance :


All candidates are keen to take up the challenge of addressing sustainable development issues and in particular environmental ones. This approach is an ambitious one and will enable us to spread the word about the eco-responsible Made-in-France attitude in the region.


1. The organisation's commitment

In signing the "For an Environmentally-Friendly Cosmetic Valley", the management of the organisation (business, training centre, research laboratory etc.) declares itself candidate and benefits from a "Commitment" recognition shown by one peony.

The organisation undertakes to progressively implement environmentally-friendly measures with a view to obtaining two, three or four peonies.

Once signed, the Charter is returned to Cosmetic Valley, accompanied by a participation form which the organisation presents.

2. Submitting a candidacy form

The Candidacy Form must be submitted by the candidate organisation within a year of signing the Charter.

It presents the activities of the candidate, its environmental performances and the environmental programme in place to improve its environmental performance, in accordance with the commitments detailed in the Charter.

3. On-site Verification of the Candidacy File

Independent inspectors will visit the site of candidates aiming for four peonies, in order to verify assertions made, taking into account the actual situation of the company on the ground. Levels two and three peonies will be attributed on a declarative basis.

4. Independent deliberation

Candidacies for the label "For an Environmentally-Friendly Cosmetic Valley" will be examined by an independent firm of experts who will decide whether to award the label and at what level.

5.    "For an Environmentally-Friendly Cosmetic Valley" at 1, 2, 3 or 4 peonies

The level is indicated on the certificate which is valid for two years.

It is renewed by submitting a renewal application.

Renewal may be for a higher level or the same level depending on quantitative improvements of the body's environmental performance.

The independent firm of experts will also have the power to attribute one Gold peony per year for a body considered to have carried out exceptional work.


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