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Sustainable development


A major discussion on sustainable development in the perfumery cosmetics industry is under way within the competitiveness cluster.
Members and partners have been invited to reflect on the challenges of tomorrow highlighted by the French environment summit.




As a federating force in the region, Cosmetic Valley wanted to initiate this step together with local authorities and in coherence with "Agenda 21" local action plans either under way or in the pipeline.


The aim is to implement practices based on :

  • ethical values of respect for all stakeholders in a company's affairs: employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, civil society and the social environmental harmony of the planet

Among the themes of this work :

  • Spreading good sustainable development practices so as to draw businesses into a virtuous circle: GMP, REACH, responsible consumer and production methods (purchasing, relations with sub-contractors, green chemistry, waste management etc.), clean transport,…
    Promoting the know-how of the sector and the region by presenting the responsible practices implemented that take into account the environmental and social aspects of their activities.
    Positioning ourselves as a responsible resource centre on a world level where the safest cosmetics products are manufactured; setting up a positive communication programme.
    Integrating sustainable development issues in the design of the product to stimulate innovation.
    Sustainable development is a growth and competitiveness engine that can lead to the evolution of products to include even higher quality and therefore add value.
    Initiating an eco-responsibility charter based on clearly defined commitments:
    protection of resources (energy, water, real estate, biodiversity), equal relations with southern countries: carbon sinks, scientific collaboration etc.

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