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Project engineering

Cosmetic Valley supports innovative projects

Cosmetic Valley supports a range of innovative projects :

  • Academic projects :
    A research laboratory-lead project contributing to upstream knowledge necessary to the sector that could, in time, lead to a collaborative project on an industrial level.
    Individual and company projects :
    A project lead by a single company, possibly using service-providers.
    Collaborative projects :
    A project involving at least two partners (private/private or private/public).

The cluster can help out at all stages of mounting the project :

  • From the project idea: defining goals
    Identifying academic and industrial partners
    Consolidating the consortium
    Structuring the project: tasks, deliverables, planning, budget, ...
    Putting together an application for co-funding
    Project management support: supervision, intellectual property rights etc.

The cluster's research and innovation themes

Cosmetic Valley encompasses all trades and professions within the perfumery cosmetics sector: ingredients, formulation, testing, packaging, distribution etc.

The competitiveness cluster has drawn up a list of research themes that it supports and promotes through its Scientific Council and Strategic Action fields. 

recherche cosmetic

The ensemble of named projects fall within the environmentally-friendly initiative
Does you innovation project come under one of these categories? Cosmetic Valley can support you throughout the duration of your project.

Project management support


The implementation of new regulations, technological developments, the emergence of new markets and changes in consumer behaviour have lead industrials to require more and more pertinent information in order to hone their strategy.
Cosmetic Valley will support you through its dedicated supervision service.

Intellectual property rights

It is essential to consider the intellectual property management of each project. The cluster can advise you and direct you to experts who can solve your problems.

Public co-financing

Named projects may be liable for public co-funding.


Funding attributed to companies can amount to between 25 and 50% of the total project budget depending on the size of the company. Public partners (research laboratories) are usually able to fully finance their marginal costs.

Funds may be raised from :


    local aid : a contribution from the local authority as part of their innovation support programme
    national aid : Unique Inter ministerial Funds (FUI, Ministry of Industry), National Research Agency (ANR, Ministry of Research), OSEO Innovation, etc.
    European aid : European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (FPRDT), Eurostars etc.
    international aid : reciprocal funding programmes where entities in different countries are working on the same collaborative project (ex. France-Brazil, France- Canada, France-Russia, etc.)

Contact :

Christophe MASSON - Research and Innovation Manager
Ségolène LELOUTRE -  Innovation Manager   


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