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Promoting your skills


Media Communications

Cosmetic Valley enables you to promote your skills through various communication means

The Cosmetic Valley magazine


Cosmetic Valley publishes a quarterly magazine in which you will find the most important news about its industrials and laboratories.

The magazine's archives are available in this website's news section : see the magazines

Advertorials and articles in the trade press

Cosmetic Valley enjoys excellent press relations and regularly has articles published in the press :


Specialist : Cosmétique,…

General public/scientific :Research…

The Cosmetic Valley congress cycle

  • Perfumes and Cosmetics Congress in Chartres: cosmetics regulations issues
    Cosm'Innov Congress in Orléans: formulation and cosmetology
    Beauty and Packaging in Louviers: scientific advances and innovations in cosmetics packaging
    Space and Luxury Congress in Blois: luxury store design
    Cosmetics & Sensory Congress in Tours: from neuroscience to marketing, scientific progress on sensory evaluation in cosmetics.

International Congresses

congret Cosmetic Valley attends the IFSCC, the benchmark international cosmetics congress and accompanies members there. 


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