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R&D Connections

 Researchers & Companies Meeting on Cosmetology Research


The French academic and industrial environment, in particular in Cosmetic Valley land, possesses unparalleled expertise in the cosmetics R&D sector: chemistry, chemical-physics, biology, materials, galenics etc.
Every year, Cosmetic Valley organises a specific event dedicated to bringing together these figures in cosmetics innovation. Taking part in this day enables scientist (industrials and researchers) to discover laboratories through themed workshops. The day also provides an ideal place for participants to meet each other, to discuss their ideas and create an opening for collaboration during scheduled one-on-one meetings.


R&D Connections (Connexions R&D) seeks to be a convivial forum out of which ideas can emerge, skills can be spotted and new projects can be initiated.


R&D Connections has been developed in partnership with Orléans University and the French Cosmetology Society (SFC), and with the support of the Centre Region.

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2010 Edition: November 30, 2010 in Orléans (Loiret)

Participants: 100 registered

Four workshops:



1. Ingredients: The latest on natural ingredients ?

cellule feuille

Chairman: Mr Patrice André, LVMH Search

- Active Ingredients organo-mineral based natural calcium - Xavier BOURRAT (ISTO, Orléans)
- Extraction Plant - Claire ELFAKIR (ICOA, Orleans)
- The undifferentiated plant cells: a source of natural ingredients - Joel CRIB (PBO, Tours)
- The natural peptides - Pascal COSETTE (PBS, Rouen)


2. Packaging: How and why to change the surface of materials ?


Chairman: Mr Tarik Ait Younes, and Surface Analysis
- What are the potential applications of plasma for cosmetic packaging? - Anne-Lise Thomann (GREMI, Orleans)
- Modification of the surface of glass by ion exchange: principles and applications - Nadia Pellerin (CEMHTI, Orléans) and Jean-Philippe Blondeau (PRISM, Chartres)
- Development of antimicrobial surfaces - Pascal THEBAULT (PBS, Rouen)
- Surface properties of polymer networks - Sophie Cantin (FPPA, Cergy-Pontoise)



3. Biology: How to test product effectiveness ?

flaconsChairman: Mr Gerard Redziniak, French Society of Cosmetology

- In vitro study of cellular aging skin - Claudine Kiedis (CBM, Orléans)
- Oxidative stress, p53, apoptosis and cell survival - Bernard Mignotte (LGBC, Versailles)
- High-resolution ultrasonic imaging of skin tissue - Frédéric OSSANT (Imaging & Brain, Tours)
- Characterization of in vivo skin tissue - Gabriella Georgescu (University Hospital, Tours)
- Studies of interactions / skin bacteria - Marc FEUILLOLEY (LMDF, Evreux)



4. Formulation: What technology to characterise an emulsion


Chairwoman: Ms. Anne-Marie Pense Lheritier, School of Industrial Biology

- Quantitative Ultrasound Analysis - Marielle Defontaine and Samuel Calle (Imaging & Brain, Tours)
- Applications of NMR spectroscopy - Francis TAULELL (Tectospin, Versailles)
Systems - mechanical and electrical characterization of complex materials - Stéphane Serfaty (SATIE, Cergy-Pontoise).



2011 edition: December 13, 2011 in Orléans
Participants: 130 registered
Four workshops:
1. Marine resource

2. Container-contents interaction

3. Biotechnologies

4. Instrumentation and measuring



















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