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Research & Innovation

Cosmetic Valley, a catalyst for your projects

catalyseur projet

Research & Innovation in perfumery cosmetics


The aim of Cosmetic Valley is to strengthen the competitiveness, the visibility and the attraction of research laboratories, companies and regions and thus to help boost employment.

It is a question of helping companies and research laboratories in the perfumery-cosmetics sector strengthen their capacity for innovation by encouraging figures in the valley to unblock synergies around their creative projects.

Cosmetic Valley has been facilitating and coordinating research projects in the valley since 2005.

associationIts perfect mastery of the network (both diverse and complementary), its capacity to get different people and structures to work together (researchers, industrials etc.) and the richness of the valley in terms of human resources specialised in perfumery cosmetics, mean it can guarantee effective support in terms of cosmetic innovation.

Cosmetic Valley can help you :

  • Identifier the skills/partners your project requires
    Structure your project and help you obtain financing
    Promote your innovation dynamic

Cosmetic Valley invites you to :

  • Join in the cluster's strategic discussions
    Benefit from information and advice concerning your innovation project
    Join Cosmetic Valley's international skills network

Contacts :


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