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The turnkey stands

Cosmetic Valley's turnkey stand


standWith more than 15 years experience in attending various trade fairs worldwide, the Cosmetic Valley brand is now recognised internationally as being connected to businesses who manufacture with all the quality and skill for which Made in France cosmetics are renowned.


Cosmetic Valley can provide a collective area with semi-open space stands which offer increased visibility, a better dynamic for exchange between exhibitors and considerable cost savings. Cosmetic Valley collective areas go up to 300 m² with quality identification to further boost the visibility of members.


Quality services on Cosmetic Valley stands

provision of complete quality furnishing

- individual, high quality identification
- a semi-collective storeroom fitted with shelves, hooks and waste baskets, a coffee machine and a water fountain, a fridge stocked with drinks and nibbles for exhibitors and their clientèle.
- daily cleaning of the stands
- a welcoming cocktail at the Cosmetic Valley stand offered to all exhibitors and VIP clients
- technical and linguistic assistance depending on the duration of the fair


 Effective communication to boost your company's visibility

- Press packs promoting your company are sent to all specialised press in the country where the fair is being held and in France
- Advertising space in trade press and at the fair.
- Press briefings organised at the fair


National grants from UBIFRANCE


A business* programme to increase your business opportunities

- B-to-B meetings on an individual or conference basis
- visits to local businesses
- networking evenings, VIP evenings with local political and economic decision-makers


Special offers on travel (flights, shuttles…) and accommodation arrangements.

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