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Sending this document enables you to obtain a first peony and to commit yourself to submitting a candidature application within one year so as to be eligible to receive higher level performance awards.


Headquarters Address :

Organization's activities

Responsible manager

Has the organization several places of business / activities sites members of the Cosmetic Valley ?Yes No

We advise you to start thinking now about :

- the area where your company's activities impact heavily on the environment (energy, air, water, waste, mobility, sound, earth, green spaces)
- what actions your company has already implemented to reduce environmental impact
- what environmental improvements you are aiming for
- what actions you could begin so as to integrate environmental concerns in your offer
- your stakeholders and their expectations

We also suggest you start this discussion process directly in your candidature application. This will enable you to see where your company is starting from in a structured way and, as you progress with the discussions, to take stock of actions already in place. Should you wish to alter one or more of the boxes in this document, please transmit the new information to us.

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