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Training Third edition of the BEAUTY & PACKAGING congress


Third edition of the BEAUTY & PACKAGING congress

Publié le : 19-03-2010

March 19, 2010 - The third edition of the Beauty & Packaging congress was held at Louviers as part of Cosmetic Valley meetings and with the backing of the Seine-Eure Conurbation Authority. The event focusses on innovation in packaging in the perfumery-cosmetics sector.

On the agenda: Innovation, sustainable development, the impact of regulation

The congress's programme devoted much time to the major topics of the day in the sector:
- New luxury codes,
- Luxury & Respect for the environment (Eco-packs, Eco-refills, Eco-products),
- Technology & Design,
- Developments & Industrial procedures,
- The impact of REACH on Packaging ...

Some 15 experts gave talks during the two days. Among them were:
- Bernard LEROY, INTERTEK Europe, Africa and Middle East President,
- Dominique WEIZMAN, DEZINEO Managing Director,
- Sylvie BENARD, LVMH Environment Manager,
- Christophe PRADERE, BETC DESIGN Managing Director,
- Charles DUCLAUX, L'OREAL Packaging & Environment Manager,
- Isabelle ROATTA, BOURJOIS Product Development Manager,
- Nicholas THORNE, ALCAN PACKAGING BEAUTY Innovation & Development Manager...

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