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Training Perfumes and Cosmetics Congress November 16 and 17 in Chartres


Perfumes and Cosmetics Congress November 16 and 17 in Chartres

Publié le : 13-09-2010

September 13, 2010 - The Perfumes and Cosmetics Congress is organised as part of the Cosmetic Valley meetings by CODEL (Eure-et-Loir Economic Development Committee) and Chartres Métropole.

The aim of this congress is to:
- take stock of the various regulations affecting the perfume and cosmetics industry
- provide the opportunity for constructive dialogue between industrials and supervision authorities.

We expect some 380 delegates from small, medium and large cosmetics industries, as well as supervision authorities CEOs, MDs, regulatory affairs managers, R&D, laboratory, formulation, toxicology, quality, technique, production, marketing managers,etc.


Tuesday November 16,2010
Day run by Gérard REDZINIAK, President, SOCIETE FRANCAISE DE COSMETOLOGIE and Claude BOUILLON, Consultant

9 am Opening by Cosmetic Valley Marc-Antoine JAMET, Secretary General, LVMH
9.30 am - European regulation: who is responsible, their role, their duties Catherine DESMARES, cosmetic and biocide products publicity assessment manager for AFSSAPS (French agency for the safety of health products) Anne LAISSUS-LECLERC, Regulatory Affairs Manager, LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics Research
10 am - Centralised notification of cosmetics products Aurélien PEREZ, Administrator, DG SANCO, EUROPEAN COMMISSION
10 am - Question & Answer session
11 am - Break
11.30 am - Allegations & claims: 'Cosmetics Products' recommendations Catherine GRELIER-LENAIN, Legal Adviser, ARPP
12 pm - Cosmetovigilance: progress report on setting up the future European system - Common tools, definitions, how to get organised, how to communicate with stakeholders, in what language, Nedjwa Hanène ABBADI, Cosmetics Products Unit Manager, AFSSAPS
12.30 pm - Question & Answer session
1 pm - Lunch
2.30 pm - Natural extracts used in the cosmetics sector - Assessing the quality of natural extracts Robert ANTON, Emeritus Professor, Strasbourg University, Cosmetology expert for the EC and the Council of Europe.
- Assessing the safety of natural extracts Philippe MASSON, CEO, EVIC INTERNATIONAL
3.15 pm - Biodiversity: CITES, an international convention for the sustainability of flora and fauna - Implications for perfumers and cosmeticians Marco CIAMBELLI, Project Manager, Bureau des Echanges Internationaux d'Espèces Menacées (endangered species bureau) Minister for the Environment, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea, in charge of green technology and climate negotiations
3.45 pm - Question & Answer session
4 pm - Break
4.30 pm - Alternative Methods: from industrial and regulators validation to application Chantra ESKES, Founder, SECAM, Services & Consultation on Alternative Methods
5 pm - What are the risks and sanctions you face in the day-to-day running of your profession? Anne DUX, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs manager, in charge of European Relations, FEBEA - Beauty Businesses Federation
5.30 pm - Question & Answer session
5.45 pm - Work groups and discussions
6.30 pm - End of the first day
7.30 pm - Unexpected Chartres evening

Wednesday November 17, 2010

9 am - REACH: latest news - Review of the appendix and interpretation questions - Implementation of controls and assessment of 2009 Céline FANGUET, Project Manager at the chemical preparations and substances bureau, Sustainable Development Ministry
9.45 am - Speaker to be confirmed
10.15 pm - Focus on the Primary Material file Nathalie CLEMENT, Cosmetics Sector manager, assistant head of the Chemistry Bureau, Employment, Trade and Industry Ministry Bernard BRANCQ, President, INGRECOS
10.45 am - Question & Answer session
11 am - Break
11.30 am - Knowledge of primary materials and how to acquire it Analytic knowledge - current standardisation etc. Marc André LEFEBVRE, International manager of the primary materials management portfolio, L'OREAL RECHERCHE
12 pm - Shared audits of cosmetics ingredients suppliers Laurent MOREAU, Audit activity manager, INTERTEK
12.30 pm - Question & Answer session
1 pm - Lunch
2.30 pm - ISO 22716 : Spread the news about your good manufacturing practices! - What is the connection between cosmetics regulations and ISO22716? - Easily implement GMPs by using the simplicity of the ISO22716 text Luc LICATA-MESSANA, Company Sustainable Development and Societal Responsibility manager, LRQA Frédéric SERALTA, Quality manager, PUIG PRESTIGE BEAUTE
3 pm - Assessment of cosmetics premises inspections carried out by AFSSAPS in 2009 - The latest on the assessment of manufacturing practices Christine CASSAN, Inspection of tattoos and cosmetics products unit manager, and Vanessa PICOT, Cosmetics products inspector, AFSSAPS
3.30 pm - Question & Answer session
3.45 pm - Break
4.15 pm - When is a cosmetic no longer a cosmetic? The borderline with pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biocides, toys' Cosmetics Definition, Criteria for determining product status, EU activities in the field of borderlines, Importance of product presentation and consumer perception Gerald RENNER, Director Technical Regulatory Affairs, COLIPA
4.45 pm - Chinese regulations: new entry conditions for cosmetics products - Are these developments technical or political? - What is the impact on importation and sales in the Chinese market? Shu ZHANG, General Manager, FACOS Consultant
5.15 pm - Question & Answer session
5.30 pm - News questions and work groups
6.30 pm - End of congress

At the end of both days: Work groups and discussions (groups of eight to ten). They provide a complement to the day's events. They enable:
- better, less formal discussions between delegates and speakers
- themes developed during the day to be explored more thoroughly and in greater detail
- a better exchange of good practices through questions and answers

Location: Chartrexpo in Chartres
Sandra Poitou
Congress manager
Tel: +33 (0)1 41 86 49 06
Email: spoitou@advbe.com
abe - advanced business events
35/37, rue des Abondances - 92 513 Boulogne Cedex, France
Website:Congrès Parfums et Cosmétique - Enjeux Réglementaires

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