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Training GPEC survey of Cosmetic Valley


GPEC survey of Cosmetic Valley

Publié le : 01-12-2011

December 1, 2011 - During the renewal of its competitiveness cluster label in 2008, as part of its 2008-2011 performance contract, COSMETIC VALLEY undertook to "develop skills and training" among the 550 companies and 50,000 employees of activities registered with the cluster.

In February 2011, in partnership with OPCALIA CENTRE with whom the cluster has been forking on training/employment/skills for four years, COSMETIC VALLEY launched an Employment & Skills forward study to better understand the evolution of the professions and their consequences on the skills expected of partners.

The cost of this survey, 130,000 euros, was met by COSMETIC VALLEY with contributions from OPCALIA National (40,000 euros) and the ESF (50,000 euros).

GPEC study partners

The survey carried out by APEC (Management Employment Association), which is fully competent in the techniques of quantitative and qualitative surveys, knows the Perfumery/Cosmetics sector and is recognised as an expert in skills management and a main observer of management employment.

Almost 800 establishments were questioned.

The aim is to improve the current skills map in the four Strategic Activity Areas (DAS) COSMETIC VALLEY: Principle plant actives (Eure-et-Loir), Cosmetic formulation (Loiret), Packaging (Eure), Sensory (Indre-et-Loire).

Rapport Qualitatif GPEC Cosmetic Valley
Rapport Quantitatif GPEC Cosmetic Valley

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