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News tebu-bio services for the discovery of new miRNA signatures


tebu-bio services for the discovery of new miRNA signatures

Publié le : 24-10-2014

Since early October 2014, tebu-bio offers services for the identification and validation of microRNAs (miRNAs) biomarkers through a partnership with Toray, a Japanese group expert in nanotechnology.

These new services based on the 3D-Gene microarray technology are carried out in tebu-bio laboratories at Le Perray-en-Yvellines. They allow the identification of miRNAs signatures with unmatched detection thresholds compared to techniques currently available in the market (<0.1 attomol). These expression studies of miRNAs meet the needs of researchers for the discovery of biomarkers in aging, skin disorders, obesity, metabolic diseases, inflammation, intercellular communication.

The services include miRNAs extraction from biological fluids and tissues as well as retrospective biomarker studies on paraffin-embedded samples. Projects from in vitro cell cultures under normal conditions and hypoxia are also proposed for the analysis of miRNAs secreted in supernatants and intracellular miRNAs.
tebu-bio scientific team is impressed with the robustness and sensitivity of the 3D-Gene technology from Toray. The technology innovation results from a combination of a novel resin to minimize background noise, a proprietary chemistry for even distribution of probes and a single 3D structure for efficient hybridization under stirring with encapsulated microbeads.

The potential of the technology will be presented by tebu-bio at the 'Biomarker' congress in Munich in late November 2014 with an in vitro comparative study of miRNA biomarkers in hypoxia.

For more information contact Frederic Dubor, frederic.dubor@tebu-bio.com

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