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Sustainable development Cosmetic Valley in a time of biodiversity


Cosmetic Valley in a time of biodiversity

Publié le : 18-01-2010

January 21, 2010 - In launching its charter "For an environmentally-friendly Cosmetic Valley" on October 16 last year, the competitiveness cluster committed itself to take a collective approach towards continually improving environmental and societal results. This concerns all professions in the cosmetics and perfumery sector: ingredients and primary materials, research and development, formulation, production, packaging and distribution.

Respecting and protecting biodiversity is one of the major spheres of action of the charter which requires all signatories to set up environmentally-friendly practices.

Conserving global biodiversity
On January 20, at the invitation of the United Nations Trade and Development Conference in Geneva, Jean-Luc Ansel, Managing Director of Cosmetic Valley, will give a presentation on actions taken by Cosmetic Valley and the partnerships built up with countries that supply traditional plants and have been able to find openings in the cosmetics sector: Togo, Colombia, Vietnam and Madagascar.

Biodiversity and cosmetics training
In order to aid members in implementing good practices, Cosmetic Valley is organising a Biodiversity & Cosmetics training day on January 21 when a representative of the Environment Ministry will explain international regulations concerning access to genetic resources. This training day will take place at the Cosmetic Valley headquarters in Chartres.

Organic cosmetics
Lastly, a dinner-debate will be held on January 26 in Paris on Organic Cosmetics influence strategies. This event is organised in conjunction with the marketing professionals body, ADETEM. (To take part: +33 (0)2 37,211,211

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