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Research Visit to the Lavoisier Institute in Versailles


Visit to the Lavoisier Institute in Versailles

Publié le : 09-09-2010

September 9, 2010 - Dr Arnaud ETCHEBERRY, Director of the Lavoisier Institute at Versailles (pictured opposite) has invited Cosmetic Valley industrials to visit his laboratory and meet his researchers.

The Lavoisier Institute is a joint French National Centre for Scientific Research/Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University unit which groups all the chemists of the university in one modern building. Created in 2006, the institute comprises more than 70 researchers, engineers and technicians and some 30 doctorate and post-doctorate students. The laboratory has to its credit numerous ANR (National Research Agency) projects, 380 publications in the last four years and five patents.

The research themes of the institute are varied and cover practically all main areas of chemistry:
- Material and organic/inorganic large-pore hybrid chemistry
- Organic and inorganic chemical synthesis
- Electrochemistry and physicochemistry of semi-conducting and metallic surfaces - A strong analytical expertise(surfaces, solid state NMR, diffractometry).

Applications for cosmetic perfumery concerning:
- Formulation: encapsulation of controlled liberation actives, sun protection products and tanners
- Green chemistry: surfactants, emulsions...
- Packaging: actives packaging, NMR analysis of imitations, electro deposition surface coating, polymers.
- Tests and Analysis: physico-chemical studies of surfaces and interfaces, surface analysis, solid and liquid NMR, photoelectron spectroscopy, EDX electronic microscopy and near-field microscopy, Infrared, etc.

The research laboratory benefits from a technical support and the experience of working with the industrial world. Its researchers and engineers are available to industrials to help in the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

The Lavoisier Institute also offers training in cosmetics in partnership with the ISIPCA and the Versailles-Val d'Oise/Yvelines Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
- Degree level: Professional licence (work-study programme) Analysis and application of Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Aroma industries
- Masters: Professional Masters (work-study programme) Sensory Formulation and Evaluation of the Perfumery, Cosmetics and Food Aroma industries.
- Masters: Professional Masters (work-study programme) Natural Primary Materials in Cosmetics (Chemistry Biology)
- Masters: International University Diploma - European and Cosmetic Masters.
Department administration contact: +33 (0)1 39 25 42 21 - guylaine.coquin@admin.uvsq.fr

Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley

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