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Research Synthesis and characterization of nanometric cerium dioxide.


Synthesis and characterization of nanometric cerium dioxide.

Publié le : 04-06-2013

Synthesis and characterization of nanometric cerium dioxide.
Applications to topical skin protection against chemical warfare agents and topical photoprotection




Abstract :
Nanomaterials represent a growing niche research in many fields. Their unusual properties provide many benefits, but also raise questions about their toxicological profile. Among their applications, nanomaterials are integrated into topical skin protectant: in the military sector, in order to reduce skin penetration of chemical warfare agents and in the cosmetics industry, especially in sunscreen products. This work focuses on the interest of pure or calcium doped cerium dioxide in these two applications. Initially, the nanoparticles were synthesized by a microwave-hydrothermal method. Characterization by different methods has identified the crystalline phase of CeO2 and has showed that the nanoparticles had a size of 3 nm, which could be increased up to 95 nm depending on the heat treatment applied. Thereafter, the effectiveness of nanoparticles alone and then incorporated in a topical barrier cream over the penetration of paraoxon, organophosphorus agent was tested. An O/W emulsion, consisting of 10% ceria, has reduced significantly the penetration of the toxic. Finally, photoprotection and safety of CeO2 were compared with sunscreens, and in particular with zinc oxide (ZnO), frequently encountered in sunscreen products. CeO2, improving protection in the UVB range and showing no antiproliferative or genotoxic effect on human keratinocyte cell line, is a particularly attractive alternative to ZnO.


Keywords : nanoparticles, cerium dioxide, hydrothermal synthesis, microwaves, topical skin protectant,
in vitro permeation, paraoxon, photoprotection, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity

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