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Research Procter & Gamble seek R&D skills in Cosmetic Valley


Procter & Gamble seek R&D skills in Cosmetic Valley

Publié le : 07-05-2010

May 5, 6 and 7, 2010 - Procter & Gamble spent three days visiting innovative businesses and laboratories in Cosmetic Valley.

At the request of P&G's 'Connect and Develop' unit, Cosmetic Valley organised three days of visits and presentations of the most creative companies and members of the Valley.

After looking at the skills P&G researchers needed to outsource, Cosmetic Valley arranged meetings enabling relevant companies to present their skills.

Just like L'Oréal's Cherry Pack scheme to find new packaging ideas, this initiative of direct contact with suppliers concerned primarily innovative SMEs and start-ups in the research and development sector.

P&G's declared goal was to identify new possibilities for open collaboration and to build new partnerships.

Some 17 business and research organisation representatives presented their latest breakthroughs or innovative know-how in the field of hair care and treatment research.

Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley

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