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Research PRISME Institute: Sun Filter and Glass Treatment


PRISME Institute: Sun Filter and Glass Treatment

Publié le : 29-03-2010

March 29, 2010 - The PRISME Institute, Multidisciplinary Research in Energy and Mechanics Systems Engineering Institute is organising two conferences in the near future:

Glass in all its forms:
Technology Platform of Chartres (Orléans University) from April 26 to May 5 in Chartres
Summary: We have been using glass in our daily lives for nearly 3,000 years. Originating from silica, glass is a transparent and breakable material which becomes malleable when heated to several hundred degrees. It is present in many varied forms in daily life: windows, bottles, crockery, fibres or contact lenses but can require high-tech production procedures and develop new properties. This interactive exhibition comprises 12 experiements from research laboratories and industrial innovations.
Contact : Madame Catherin - Technology Platform - Tel: +33 (0)2 37 33 38 30
Additional information

Know how to protect yourself from the sun
Sun protection: an innovative research combining well-being and safety:

PRISME-Institute IUT of Chartres (Orléans University) June 1 in Chartres
Résumé : Angel or Demon, the sun is a source of well-being necessary to life itself. Exposure to the sun is seen as a moment of pleasure and a suntan projects a positive image. However, this exposure is not without danger, and the medical world is concerned about the increasing number of skin cancers. In fact it has become the second cause of death from cancer. While 90% of the population is aware that exposure to the sun carries risks, only 60% use sun protection. What are the dangers and how do the suns rays penetrate the skin and cause such damage? Protection is mainly provided by sun creams which have SPF factors that are often difficult to understand. What is in these products? How do the filters work and must they be nanometric? Finally, what is the latest research in particular in Chartres? These are the questions the conference -open to all- will seek to answer.
Lecturer: Thierry Devers, Conference Master HDR PRISME Institute-IUT de Chartres Orléans University

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