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Research Microbiology day in Evreux June 14, 2012


Microbiology day in Evreux June 14, 2012

Publié le : 14-06-2012

At the heart of the debate: the establishment of a common approach to assess the microbiological safety of cosmetic products.

The perfumes and cosmetics industry is currently facing new challenges. The increasing complexity of formulas, environmental concerns and ongoing and future innovations in different sectors within the industry require an approach to managing the microbiological safety and stability of beauty products throughout their life cycles. All of the players in the value chain are concerned, from research and development right up to packaging which plays an increasingly crucial role in protecting formulas.

Organised within the framework of the Scientific Council of the Cosmetic Valley, a committee involving stakeholders from public research, formulation, packaging and verification has been established in order to provide the profession with a common approach to assessment the microbiological safety of cosmetics. Bringing together all of the stakeholders from design of formulas right up to marketing and product use, the scientific day of June 14th, 2012 examined the progress made by the Commission over recent months. The topics covered include:

• The regulatory framework

• The development of microbiologically stable formulas
• Protective packaging
• Control of microbiological risks during production
• Methods for the enumeration and identification of microorganisms
• Proposal for a common approach

The scientific day of June 14th, 2012 was organised by the Cosmetic Valley in partnership with its partners in the department of Eure: the Agglomeration of ÉVREUX and EUREXPANSION.

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