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Research LVMH Research symposium 2012


LVMH Research symposium 2012

Publié le : 10-07-2012

Depletion of natural resources and cosmetic raw materials: what are the strategies for the future?

It is generally accepted that natural resources are being depleted and that the impacts generated by human activities are becoming more and more of a concern for the planet and our environment.

Demands for raw materials, water and energy (oil) are exploding under demographic pressure, consumer needs and new technological changes. Low diversification among producing countries, geopolitical risks, reduction of available space, forest degradation, acidification of oceans, accumulation of waste, and insufficient recycling are reinforcing fears of an irreversible outcome for the human race. A global awareness does exist. However, will the speed of implementation of strong actions be sufficient and fast enough to reverse the trend? The resource management of raw materials for cosmetics, their origins, their synthesis, yield improvement, the development of biotechnology, plant extractions, and the “eco” improvement of design chains have evolved considerably over past decade. Great efforts have been made to on new industrial approaches. However, much remains to be done regarding the responsible and sustainable management of raw materials.

This 2012 symposium will bring us up to speed on new sources and therefore the ingredients materials and materials of tomorrow with different functions.

For this reason that LVMH Recherche decided to bring together experts from diverse backgrounds with major players from the cosmetics industry to collectively reflect on strategies and projects for the future. Coming up with new raw materials, new composites, new biopolymers, and new fully recyclable materials with low-energy demands are some of the topics to be discussed.

Thus, new ideas for collaborative projects will emerge. These rough drafts will perhaps rise to tomorrow’s green shoots of industry.

Frédéric Bonté

For information and registration requests: http://www.lvmhrecherche-symposium.com

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