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Research Greenpharma presents its expertise to Colombians


Greenpharma presents its expertise to Colombians

Publié le : 16-09-2010

September 16, 2010 - A Colombian delegation representing four companies from the Bogota region visited the company Greenpharma in Orléans.

The Colombians were particularly interested in Greenpharma's equipment and skill in the following sectors:
- the extraction and analysis of principle actives,
- expertise in the prediction of plant activity in cosmetics (reverse pharmacognosy),
- research project management,
- chemical synthesis of natural molecules contained in plant extracts

Colombia has a rich biodiversity ranging from Andean plants to those of the Amazon. Colombians have forged strong links with Cosmetic Valley by taking part in trade fairs such as Beyond Beauty and are very interested in exchanging on analysis practices. There is a high chance of contracts being signed shortly with the companies that visited Greenpharma.

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Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley

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