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Research Cosmetics and Sensory Seminar at the World Expo in Shanghai


Cosmetics and Sensory Seminar at the World Expo in Shanghai

Publié le : 17-05-2010

17/05/2010 - Cosmetic Valley and seven member companies were invited to hold a sensory and cosmetics conference in the French pavilion of the Shanghai Expo 2010.

The event was sponsored by Shanghai Jahwa, the Chinese leader in cosmetics.

Conference programme:

Session 1: The sensory and marketing aspects in cosmetics
Moderator: Patrick Beau (SPINCONTROL)
- Sensory Design and Sustainable Design. Régine Charvet Pello, RCP.
- Cosmeto Textile, a technical product for the market of the future. Marc Vautier, LYTESS.
- How Cosmeto Textiles work. Jurg Scheiwiller, COSMETIC WEAR.

Session 2: Sensory development and research in cosmetics.
Moderator: JAHWA
- Objective evaluation of a cosmetics well-being product. Fabrice Perin, SPINCONTROL ASIA.
- How to support a company in a sensory innovation process. Kevin Yang, INTERTEK TESTING SERVICES.
- Sensory perception of cosmetics products. Florence Dufour, ECOLE DE BIOLOGIE INDUSTRIELLE.

Session 3: Sensory and natural cosmetics.
- Sensory, the first quality of natural and sustainable cosmetics. Alban Muller, ALBAN MULLER INTERNATIONAL.
- Application of Chinese cultural elements in cosmetics R&D. Dr Shaomin Wei, Shanghai Jahwa.
- Theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine and its application in cosmetics. Huilang Li, Shanghai Jahwa.
- Application of modern technologies in R&D in traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Ya Zhao, Shanghai Jahwa.
- Application of cultural Chinese elements in the design of cosmetics packaging. Jun Xu, Shanghai Jahwa.

Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley.

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