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Research New sun filters, defence of a thesis


New sun filters, defence of a thesis

Publié le : 01-12-2010

December 1, 2010 A thesis on the 'synthesis ad characterisation of iron and cerium oxide-based nanoparticles in the filtration of UV rays in sun products' will be defended in public on December 8, 2010 at 8 am by Laurianne TRUFFAUT at Chartres IUT as part of the PRISME Institute, Orléans University research laboratory.

The focus of this thesis is the synthesis and characterisation of new nanostructured inorganic UV filters that are effective in the UVA field. In this context, we have chosen to study cerium dioxide CeO2 and hematite alpha-Fe2O3 because of their optical absorption of UV properties.

Two synthesis methods were chosen for the development of these oxides, pure or enhanced, in the form of nanometric powder: co-precipitation and spray-pyrolysis. The optimal conditions for synthesis were determined thanks to the diffraction of X-rays and thermal analysis.

The crystalline structure and the granulometry of the samples thus obtained were characterised by X-ray and electronic microscopy diffraction. The granulometry and the morphology of the samples are linked to synthesis methods, to operative conditions (atmosphere and temperature of calcination) and to the nature and the concentration of the enhanced elements.

The optical properties of samples suspended in ethanol were studied through visible-UV spectroscopy absorption. They are linked to the granulometry of the samples as well as phenomena localised within the crystallographic mesh (changes in valence, presence of defects, etc.).

Finally, the α and CeO2-based samples;-Fe2O3 were incorporated into a sun cream in place of ZnO, in order to test their sun protection performance (SPF and FP-UVA) by in vitro measuring. The results show that ZnO can be positively replaced in sun protection products by iron and cerium oxide whether pure or enhanced.

Members of the Jury:
Professor Lévi ALLAM, Orléans University - thesis co-director
Thierry DEVERS, Conference Master, Thesis Supervisor, Orléans University - thesis co-director
Professor Laurence COIFFARD, Nantes University, Rapporteur
Professor Oscar Komla AWITOR, Auvergne University, Rapporteur
Professor Chantal LEBORGNE, Orléans University
Doctor Gérard REDZINIAK, Uriage
Doctor Konstantin KONSTANTINOV, Wollongong University. - co-director and co-sponsor
Professor Sharon NIGHTINGALE, Wollongong University
Professor Anatoly ROZENFELD, Wollongong University

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