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Research A visit to the Analytic and Organic Chemistry Institute


A visit to the Analytic and Organic Chemistry Institute

Publié le : 16-12-2009

December 16, 2009 - Cosmetic Valley visited the Analytic and Organic Chemistry Institute, ICOA, accompanied by its Director, Olivier Martin.

The ICOA is a joint research unit of Orléans University and the French National Centre for Scientific Research dedicated to biochemistry and physics.

This laboratory is one of the largest in Cosmetic Valley as it numbers 120 researchers. Their scientific output since the beginning of the century is pretty impressive:
- 568 publications
- 37 patents
- 1180 communications
- 8 Post-doctorate theses
- 110 supported theses

Themes of laboratory research on green chemistry concern bioactive molecules and in particular:
- Design: QSAR modelling tools
- Synthesis: synthesis strategy, medicinal chemistry
- Analysis and extraction: separation - detection - identification, extraction from the natural environment
- Procedures: Optimisation of reaction and extraction procedures (solvent-free)

The ICOA is already involved in numerous research projects with Cosmetic Valley industrials, especially on the importance of natural substances in the protection of cosmetic formulation.

The visit ended with a meeting of the Technical Committee which brings together the local authorities that finance the cluster.

Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley

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