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Press Release COSMETIC VALLEY and UBIFRANCE sign a pilot partnership to support SMEs in the cosmetics industry in international markets


COSMETIC VALLEY and UBIFRANCE sign a pilot partnership to support SMEs in the cosmetics industry in international markets

Publié le : 10-07-2012

Sharing common goals on the development of French companies abroad, UBIFRANCE and the COSMETIC VALLEY have decided to implement a pilot partnership to promote support for French companies in the cosmetics industry and develop an EXPORT ACTION PLAN promoting the development of SMEs in export markets. The objective is twofold:

• Providing effective long term support to French companies in the cosmetics industry wishing to develop their exports
• Conducting joint, individual and collective actions in foreign markets, if necessary with the support of the partners of the French Export Team and in particular, the Centre region, CCI International and Centrexport.

This “Export Action Plan” planned for 18 months time, will build on the complementary skills of UBIFRANCE and the COSMETIC VALLEY. Primarily aimed at French companies belonging to the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster, it may also be offered to other French companies in the cosmetics industry. A minimum of four participating companies is necessary for the launch of the first action plan which will be organised into three phases.

Phase 1: Identification and selection of 2 or 3 target countries.

Ubifrance and the Cosmetic Valley will work together to identify 2 or 3 countries “with potential” enabling French firms to obtain a strong position in these markets. Both partners
will take charge of working on a plan including the essential requirements for a market approach (regulatory data, demographic data, market trends etc.) in order to visualise the suitability of markets/companies. After a prior consultation with the companies in the cluster, working groups will approve the countries to be approached.

Phase 2: Actions in the target market: coaching, showroom, business meetings...

Personalised coaching will educate businesses about the target country by providing regulatory and customs tools, as well as information about marketing and communication tools adapted to the country. Actions may be conducted on the ground: “Made in France” showrooms, BtoB meetings, press conferences, visits to retail outlets etc.

Phase 3: Commercial monitoring and business support

UBIFRANCE and Cosmetic Valley and are committed to providing participating companies with business monitoring which could involve tracking contacts made on the ground, inviting local buyers to France, communication about the mission in the French trade press and other media. Other actions may be considered depending on the requirements of French companies and the specifics of markets approached.

The steering and monitoring committee of the partnership will consist of at least two
representatives from each partner.

• UBIFRANCE will take care of project management of the actions to be implemented in the selected countries.
• The COSMETIC VALLEY will be responsible for bringing together and leading the SMEs from the cluster and France within the framework of the Export Action Plan.

The partnership agreement between UBIFRANCE and the COSMETIC VALLEY was signed on June 28th, 2012 by Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of the Cosmetic Valley and Alexis STRUVE, Inter-Regional Director of UBIFRANCE at the 2012 General Assembly of the Cosmetic Valley held in Orleans.

UBIFRANCE is the agency responsible for the implementation of national public policy for the development of export business. The UBIFRANCE network provides French companies a range of services and information, promotion and support about foreign markets. UBIFRANCE will bring its know-how about the choice of target countries and the definition of a strategic approach and action plans in order to ensure long term international development.


Labelled a competitiveness cluster in 2005, the Cosmetic Valley, which brings together nearly 550 companies in the cosmetics industry within France, is responsible for the development of the French cosmetics and perfume industry. With the support of local authorities, the Cosmetic Valley manages a network of companies, research centres and training institutions committed to a partnership approach based around dynamic innovation in order to conquer international markets. The Cosmetic Valley is able to assemble and sustainable drive the SMEs in its sector and in France within the framework of the export action plan.


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