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News Orleans Cosmetics project 'Color-on-Demand' accredited by Cosmetic Valley


Orleans Cosmetics project 'Color-on-Demand' accredited by Cosmetic Valley

Publié le : 28-11-2014

Cosmetic Valley's Board followed the recommendations of its Scientific Committee and has accredited the project of Orleans Cosmetics.
This innovation aims to offer to the consumer a new generation of eyeshadows, allowing him to create its own color, and to get instantly a very nice and technical gel texture.
To bring to market this product, which is already patented, a number of steps remain, including the design of a specific packaging.
Orleans Cosmetics is specialized in the development and production of makeup (for face, eyes and lips) and this innovation could be a major growth opportunity. The support of the Cosmetic Valley is considered by the company as an essential element to succeed in this ambitious project.

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