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06-07-2021 au 29-01-2022



Humanity and cosmetics have always evolved together, influencing each other, enriching each other to the sandstone of their stories. And if the notion of pleasure is the essence of cosmetics, we associate even more today the need for performance, natural, less complex formulations. These elements encourage the cosmetic industry to constantly reinvent itself, to develop ever more innovative products, to propose new uses, to find new sources of ingredients.
Lipids (triglycerides and derivatives) are natural compounds, essential in cell membrane structure and metabolism of all living organisms. Their interaction with lipids provided by an external source naturally leads to particular properties. Use of lipids in cosmetics, main constituent of formulations, helps to form a protective barrier on the skin against harmful substances or dangerous stimuli and to maintain good hydration. 
Lipids can be integrated into different/various formulations, liquid (emulsions) or solid (powder) form, as a main matrix, active or ingredients (vitamins, tocopherols for example). 
To be ever more innovative, needs are emerging, at analytical level, in terms of new sourcing, or for ecofriendly oleochemical derivatives. These elements are more generally part of a process of relationships understanding between structures, formulations and properties. 
Cosmetic Valley in partnership with the Institute of Fat Bodies (ITERG), the Centre for The Valuation of AgroRessources (CVA), the University of Bordeaux, the New Aquitaine Region, will be pleased to welcome you to Bordeaux on January 26 and 27, 2022 for the third edition of the Lipids-Cosmetics congress.

After having apprehended in previous years the innovations in lipid sourcing and the strategy of their formulations, 4 new topics are proposed for new edition :

  • Importance of lipids in skin and hair 
  • New lipid sourcing: valuations, constraints and opportunities 
  • Transformation of lipids into enhanced functions for formulation 
  • Characterization to better understand lipids
Take part in the constitution of the programme for the 3rd edition 2022
This call for contributions is addressed to researchers of public structure and companies in the national and international Cosmetic Perfumery sector.
These TOPICS interest you ? 
  • Do you want to share your expertise?
  • Do you want to value your research?
  • Do you want to make yourself known to your peers?
- Submit a summary of your intervention proposal by September 1, 2021
-  Submit a summary of your proposal posted by January 6, 2022



The Importance of Lipids in Skin and Hair
Physiology and External source
Exposome, Microbiota, Protection/Nutrition, Well-being, Biomimicry/Bioinspiration, Skin, Hair

chemical lipid treatment to enhanced functionality for formulation

Oleochemy, Sustainability, Controversial Ingredients, Substitution, Bio rawmaterials, New formulations, Functionalization

Topic 3
Better characterizing to better understand lipids
Traceability, Traces, Analytics, Environmental Impact, Predictive Tools, Artificial Intelligence, inSilico, specific vitro tests
Topic 4
New lipid sourcing : valuations, constraints and opportunities
Where to find them and How to get them?
Microlague, Short Circuits, BioProcess, Upcycling, Circular Economy, Nagoya, Biodegradability, Agricultural Sectors


Terms of your intervention?
  • Price: registration for the congress Duration: 20 minutes?
  • Language: expression in French or English / slide in English
  • Mandatory attendance for Poster wearers on both days and at the Gala party Practical

The cosmetic Valley thematic conferences are an exceptional tool for scientific communication and training that allow us to promote the excellence of the French cosmetics sector, to ensure the regular upgrading of the training of professionals in the sector and to strengthen France's leadership in the field of Beauty. The strength of these congresses lies in particular with their scientific committees, composed of industry experts (industrialists and researchers), who highlight the major issues, by theme, meet the expectations of professionals and facilitate their rise in competence.
The Lipids & Cosmetics Congress
A major issue for the sector, innovation in the field of lipids is at the heart of the Lipids-Cosmetics congress dedicated to the latest research and innovations in the fields of skin physiology, oleo-chemical processes, extraction, purification and analytical techniques as well as new formulation technologies based on raw materials of lipid origin. In connection with the Territorial Strategic Estate of New Aquitaine, it is organized every two years in Bordeaux. Its unique theme gives it a great success with the Cosmetic Perfumery sector

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