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International The UN uses Cosmetic Valley as an example of economic development


The UN uses Cosmetic Valley as an example of economic development

Publié le : 18-09-2009

September 18, 2009 - The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and Colombian industrialists visited Cosmetic Valley businesses to discuss industrial practices.

Cosmetic Valley has built excellent relations with Colombia, thanks largely to a partnership convention with the Bogota Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Nativa cluster which specialises in promoting indigenous plants.
So as to demonstrate the way Cosmetic Valley businesses work together, a visit was organised to three of network's businesses:

The presentation of the first link in a production chain was entrusted to LASERSON, a producer and trader in primary materials based in Longjumeau.

Then COSINUS in Dreux demonstrated the use that can be made of the materials. This company in fact specialises in the formulation of skincare products and the manufacture and packaging of lotions, make-up and toiletry products.

The third and final visit, to complete the know-how cycle, was to EZY PLV, specialists in the design and manufacture of presentation displays for perfume stores.

Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley

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