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International e-Open Innovation 2020, let’s seize the opportunity to collaborate and innovate together!


e-Open Innovation 2020, let’s seize the opportunity to collaborate and innovate together!

19-08-2020 au 31-08-2020

Do you have a technological innovation, a new process, a new service or a new product?


Perfume-Cosmetics sector challenges’: naturalness, performance, traceability, security and the continuous improvement of our products and services

Your project can give a solution for our sector


Come to e-Cosmetic 360 and meet our network of major cosmetics group (For the 5th edition of the event (2019), project leaders met 6 international decision-makers of the cosmetics world: Chanel, Nuxe Group, IFF, L'Oréal Research & Innovation, LVMH Research and Rodan + Fields. 2020 decision-makers coming soon)


The e-Open Innovation service can help you gain momentum with your project, whether you are a project initiator, start-up, micro-business or SME, or a public research body. It is a unique opportunity to organise meetings and present your innovations to major companies in the fragrance and cosmetics industry. It allows you to directly exchange with the relevant, qualified people.


This free service is available to all fields of activity: raw materials, end products, packaging, logistics, etc., and to all types of innovation: technological innovations, service innovations, marketing innovations, etc., no matter the development stage: idea, project development, concept maturation, product or service development, market access.



Complete the application form that appears after registering.



Major groups select innovative projects and contact applicants to organise meetings directly on our BtoB meeting plateform. 

You will receive a notification if your application is selected. You then have five days to accept or turn down the proposal. You are free to choose an empty slot in the schedule.



You will be asked to provide a 30-minute presentation of your project in the private and confidential virtal room, for the major companies from whom you received an invitation.





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