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International Cosmetic 360: will you be the only one not there ?


Cosmetic 360: will you be the only one not there ?

06-10-2021 au 15-10-2021

The time for reunion is approaching!⏰

It seems that the actors of the perfumery-cosmetics industry are eager to meet again.


COSMETIC 360 is currently registering +10% pre-registrations for 13&14 October 2021, than for the face-to-face edition in 2019! ✨


Will you be the only one not there?

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The programme will include a number of highlights and new events:

  • The COSMETIC 360 Awards ceremony which will reward the best innovations of the show in 6 categories
  • The start-up zone and its 16 innovative start-ups
  • The COSMETIC 360 Factory demonstration area, which will highlight machines and equipment
  • The Tech Corner and its unique technology: "Touchy Finger
  • You will also find our partners and sponsors: Greentech Experience, an immersion in the heart of ingredients thanks to virtual reality; Beauty Tech Chartres, for an immersion in the heart of the start-up ecosystem, Team France Export with solutions to accompany French companies in exporting, the packaging actors with La Glass Vallée...


Within the framework of the 48H COSMETO, two major events, organised by Cosmetic Valley, will complete this edition:

  • The Summit of the French perfumery and cosmetics industry, a continuation of the Etats Généraux launched in October 2020 (on reservation https://sommet.cosmetic-valley.com
  • The 48H COSMETO network evening for informal exchanges in a convivial setting, culminating in a performance on the values of 21st century cosmetics (reservation required).


Don't forget, thanks to its digital platform, open in parallel with the face-to-face edition, from 13 September, COSMETIC 360 will be held in a hybrid format combining face-to-face and digital meetings, for an optimised exhibition experience.


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