GCC Industry Webinar - New materials development in Taiwan






A vos agendas ! Ne manquez pas le webinaire sur le marché cosmétique taïwanais. Spécial focus sur le développement de nouvelles matières premières.


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À°Å¸"œ"¦ Date : 19 Juillet 2022 – 9h30 CEST

À°Å¸-"˜ Format : Webinaire gratuit d'1 heure, accessible à tous. Uniquement dispensé en anglais

À°Å¸"œÂ¢Webinaire proposé par le premier réseau international de clusters cosmétiques : Global Cosmetics Cluster (GCC), en partenariat avec Taiwan Beauty Valley



Un aperçu du programme

→Topic 1 : A highly safe & effective delivery innovation for skincare

Speaker : Dr. Hueymin Lai, Chief Technology Officer, ImDerma Laboratories Co., Ltd.


"Nowadays, air pollution, ultraviolet rays, etc. have caused massive skin problems such as inflammation and aging due to accumulation of intracellular ROS. However most active ingredient such as vitamin C, anthocyanidins, and catechins are water soluble, thus they are difficult to enter the skin barrier and work within skin cells. To address this issue, a powerful antioxidant Imdermalab® X-EGCG has been developed in our company.

We used a designated patented-peptide sequence (Peptide X) in the CPP family as a carrier to carry EGCG into skin cell by macropinocytosis within a short time. Experimental results have demonstrated that intracellular ROS scavenging rate of Imdermalab® X-EGCG can be 24 times faster than that of the control group.
The unique advantages of Imdermalab® X-EGCG system include efficient cargo delivery for actives, anti-inflammation, and highly safe to skin cells."


→Topic 2 : An innovative breathing biomimetic SOD ingredient-TUN-828® for haircare

Speaker : Dr. Gary Wang, Chief Technology Officer, Ti-UNic Biotech Co., Ltd.


"Ti-UNic Biotech is a biotechnology start-up dedicated to the development of new innovative biomimetic ingredients for cosmetic industry. Based in Taiwan, we want to promote the resources, the knowledge present in our island with a scientist and technical approach to develop new innovative cosmetic ingredient. After 3 years of research and collaboration we created a new innovative active ingredient TUN-828®,an original breathing biomimetic antioxidant able to mimic the active site of the superoxide dismutase. Actually, we have collaborated with hair salons and brand owners(Taiwan/USA/JAP) to create innovative products contained TUN-828® which are or will be released to the market."



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