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News European call for Cosmetic Innovation projects


European call for Cosmetic Innovation projects

Publié le : 03-06-2022

The COSMETOSCIENCES program, led by the université d’Orléans, in partnership with the université de Tours, the CNRSCosmetic Valley and the Studium supports research in cosmetics through several collaborative projects between laboratories in the Centre Val de Loir region and industry.


Through this program, the region aims to become a national reference in the field of cosmetics research and wishes to develop its European partnerships.

From April 9 to June 15, 2022, COSMETOSCIENCES and COSMETIC VALLEY are launching a call for European project intentions, aimed at foreign companies and research laboratories.


The objective of this call is to identify research projects led by foreign actors who wish to identify French partners. The expertise to be mobilized will be sourced from the COSMETOSCIENCES network and the COSMETIC VALLEY network.


Priority themes :

• Naturalness and eco-responsible processes

• Characterization of biological activity & product safety

• Formulation and sensoriality

• Other themes of cosmetic innovation


Download here the specifications and the project description template of the european call for Cosmetic Innovation projects


For more information contact Fanélie SAUVAGERE > fsauvagere@cosmetic-valley.com


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