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Company Through its partnership with Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris, Verescence wants to promote and share French glassmaking know how


Through its partnership with Le Grand Musée du Parfum in Paris, Verescence wants to promote and share French glassmaking know how

Publié le : 12-01-2017

Since ancient times, perfume and glass have shared a common history. Meant as a protective vessel, the glass bottle extends the fragrance experience. It was therefore natural that Verescence decided to be a key partner of the new fragrance museum 'Le Grand Musée du Parfum', which opened its doors in Paris on Dec 22nd, a place where high perfumery meets luxury glassmaking. 


As the only partner from the glassmaking industry, Verescence supports this beautiful project as it is clearly consistent with its will to promote and share the Perfume industry and the artistry of glassmaking, both genuine examples of French excellence where passion and innovation are key drivers.


Through its presence in the Museum, Verescence wishes to share with the public its unique glassmaking expertise through fragrance bottles exhibited at every level. Verescence will also share various pictures and videos which will enable you to discover our glass manufacturing’ secrets through the clever combination of industrial complexity and artistic creation.

Due to a rich exhibition scenography, Verescence will showcase over 500 luxury fragrance bottles, the result of the combined innovation of glass and decoration, making these bottles stand out in a market which is in constant search of differentiation.

Various examples will be accessible to the Museum’s visitors such as our spectacularly radiant premium Xtra Flint glass bottles, bottles decorated with our METAL’In technique which consists of an inner metallic coating that gives a mirror effect and is compatible with fragrance, and bottles decorated with our SCULPT’In technique which consists of stunning inner embossing of sophisticated shapes. These are some of Verescence’s exclusivities on the market.


Thomas Riou, Verescence’s CEO states 'We are particularly proud of this partnership and to contribute in the fragrance art’s outreach. The large audience will be able - through our fragrance bottles and our visuals - to discover the glassmaking and decoration expertise that belongs to the French heritage and that it is key to preserve. We do our work with passion and we hope to share it with the Museum’s audience that we expect to be large.”

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