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Company Selected files for the Cosmetic Victories final !


Selected files for the Cosmetic Victories final !

24-05-2017 au 21-06-2017




For this 2017 edition of the Cosmetic Victories, around a hundred applications were submitted online, from all over the world (Brasil, Canada, Germany, Romania, Spain, Taïwan, Thaïland, UK, USA,...)



We'd like to thank you everyone for their ideas and also the selection committee for their final decisions.


This committee, composed of the CNRS, the GDR Cosm’actif, the BPI the ESSEC, have selected 6 applications for the final audition :


« Academic Prize » projects :

-        [France ] Cold plasma multijets 

-        [France] Predictive tool in R&D

-        [Taïwan] Collagen protease inhibitor



« Industry Prize » projects :

-        [France] Interactive fragrance bar

-        [Allemagne] Printed Electronics for Smart & Active packaging

-        [France] Innovative hair-dryer


The last candidates will present their innovative projects to a prestigious jury, Thursday, the 22th of June.



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