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Entreprise Experelle a rejoint Cosmetic Valley


Experelle a rejoint Cosmetic Valley

Publié le : 16-07-2015



Discover our Experelle natural care line of cosmetics from France, if you wish to experience moments of pure well-being provided by evanescent textures, unusual sensations, an ultra-soft touch and subtle fragrances.


Because the skin needs just the essentials in order to remain beautiful, healthy and younger for longer, Experelle has invented a completely new generation of Active, Ethical and Chic Cosmetics:

  • Natural (over 99% natural ingredients, over 90% of natural active ingredients i.e 3 times more than the average of conventional cosmetics), 
  • Innovative (use of cellular water and produced from a cold emulsion),
  • Effective (use of patented active ingredients such as grape polypetides having proven anti-ageing effectiveness)
    • o Anti ageing: grape polypeptides act as a natural defence shield against free radicals (responsible for more than 80% of skin ageing), and serves to prolong cell life, for a longer-lasting, more youthful skin.
    • o Anti wrinkles: green algae is able to prolong or visibly improve the youthful appearance of the skin, both in delaying the appearance of the first wrinkles and in correcting existing signs of ageing (depth of wrinkles and improvement of the skin's elasticity).


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