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News Cosmetics Crosslinks, business networks in the Yvelines


Cosmetics Crosslinks, business networks in the Yvelines

Publié le : 10-09-2009

September 10, 2009 - As on every second Thursday of the month, the Yvelines Chamber of Commerce hosted Cosmetics Crosslinks, a business contact event at which industrials discuss current affairs and are able to share on research and skills.

On this occasion Isabelle DUFOUR, Director of ISIPCA (perfume, cosmetics products and food flavor formulation institute) gave Cosmetics Valley members a talk on the various training programmes run by the higher education college, offering one to six-year courses in perfumery.

Puis Richard WACKLAWEK (Shiseido Purchasing Manager) andFrançois DE LAVERGNE (Ileos) gave a presentation on efforts being made by purchasers and sub-contractors on a cooperation policy on the role of purchasing, especially where sustainable development is concerned.

Photo credit: Cosmetic Valley

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