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News COSMETIC VALLEY and QUEBEC INTERNATIONAL sign a partnership at the second Franco-Quebecois symposium in 2010 at the offices of the DGCIS


COSMETIC VALLEY and QUEBEC INTERNATIONAL sign a partnership at the second Franco-Quebecois symposium in 2010 at the offices of the DGCIS

Publié le : 20-07-2011

July 20, 2011 - Québec International is the economic development agency for the Quebec region. It coordinates the National Capital's ACCORD initiative and mobilises businesses and research laboratories in the cosmetics sector for the province.

Cosmetic Valley and Québec International have decided to work together to develop an international network of specific skills linked to the cosmetics sector: 'RéseauCosm'. This programme has been set up with the help of the FFQDC (Franco-Quebecois Foundation for Decentralised Cooperation) and the cooperation and cultural action service consulate of France in Quebec.

The goals of this project between the two bodies are:
- Cartography of the existing expertises in the various regions of France and Quebec.
- Promote the emergence and fulfilment of technological and commercial partnerships between France and Quebec.
- Maximise individual efforts of the respective governments for the development of joint projects between public research laboratories (technological supply) and private industry (commercial demand).

Solid results expected
1)Development of a network of transnational skills
- Identification and mapping of regional expertise
- Development of two business cases and a promotional tool
- Development of a business model for setting up a French training centre in Quebec and a Quebecois business in Cosmetic Valley in France

2) Missions:
a)Quebecois in France (Q3-2011)
b)French in Quebec (Q4-2012)

- A day of conferences and meetings, a day of industrial visits, participation in an international event taking place on each side of the Atlantic
This year, it is the turn of the Quebecois who will be coming to Beyond Beauty in September. Next Thursday 15 and Friday 16 we will take them to meet industrials and training bodies and plan conferences especially on regulation.

3) Promote the emergence of joint research projects (2011 - 2012)
- Identification of topics, potential partners and financial backing.

Quebecois companies taking part are as follows:
1)Dans un Jardin
2)Laboratoire Provence
5)Immanence Dermo Correction
8)Dectro International
9)Cégep Lévis Lauzon

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