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Company New compact and robust NIR AOTF spectrometer for process, PAT & on-field analysis: Luminar 4060


New compact and robust NIR AOTF spectrometer for process, PAT & on-field analysis: Luminar 4060

Publié le : 04-08-2015

NIR-INDUSTRY is very proud to announce you the launch by Brimrose Corporation of a new spectrometer that is based on and meets many 21st century customer demands.

The unit also complies with the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive.


“We are very excited to introduce the Brimrose Luminar 4060,” said Brimrose Founder and CEO Dr. Ron Rosemeier. “The 4060 is the result of our integration of a lot of what our customers want with a lot of new technology. Customers told us they want a spectrometer that is small, has low-power consumption, has no moving parts and has an economic price tag—all with our AOTF technology. That’s a tall order but we are delivering it with the 4060.”


The unit is based on the same superior foundation as all Brimrose spectrometers, including acousto-optic tunable filter near infrared (AOTF-NIR) technology, which offers the amazing scanning speed of 16,000 wavelengths per second.


Similar to our other spectrometers, the unit includes a battery and battery charger and features a long-operating time. The Real Time Dual Beam for each wavelength eliminates need for base line adjustments, ever. The NIR-Spectrometer has an high signal-to-noise ratio even at very short time measurements such as on a blender, or on moving tablets, moving vials, etc. It is immune to ambient light interference and can operate anywhere without any shielding.


'The perennially dependable Brimrose spectrometer has been placed in a new, better designed unit,' according to Emil Ciurczak, spectrometer industry expert and author, and founder of Doramaxx Consulting. 'The emphasis on miniaturization is more user friendly, as is the new software design, which has changed to a Linux operating system. It is very versatile and uses range from benchtop to a stand-alone wireless unit.” 


The Luminar 4060 is a new Brimrose spectrometer that offers advantages in size and power consumption. This AOTF-NIR Spectrometer is seen being a good fit for a variety of different applications.



Real Time Applications


- Blend Control: Real-time homogeneity monitoring and blending control process
- Drying process: Direct placement on spray or fluid bed dryers
- Pharmaceutical & cosmetics: 100 % inspection of solids, gels, liquids and powders
- Agricultural/Food: On-line food analysis for fat, protein, moisture, starch, etc
- Polymer: In-site measurement of pellets, films and coatings
- Textile: Cotton/polyester ratio accurately by the web
- Pulp and paper: In-line thickness and coating analysis
- Tobacco: Measurements of nicotine, sugars, potassium, etc.



Key Features


- Small Size, Low-Power Consumption
- No Moving Parts, Immune to Vibrations
- Real Time Dual Beam for each wavelength eliminates need for base line adjustments, ever 
- Immune to ambient light interference, Can operate anywhere without any shielding
- Economic Price Tag
- USB Capable, Removable Memory
- Touchscreen Display
- Amazing Scanning Speed of 16,000 Wavelengths per Second
- Miniature Integrated Electronics and Optical Modules in Same Stainless Steel Enclosure
- Compatible with SNAP 32! Brimrose Analytical Software with Brimrose MACRO Language
- Measuring Non-Destructively Powders, Solids, Gels, etc, in Diffuse Reflectance Mode

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