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Company EcoMundo’s expertise in your pocket


EcoMundo’s expertise in your pocket

Publié le : 13-01-2016

Chemical regulations are complex and it is sometimes difficult to retrace!
To better accompany industrials on these topics, EcoMundo has focused its chemical regulatory expertise in in 6 sets of fact sheets.


Thanks to their small size you can keep them handy:


Fact sheets on the European chemical regulation


The 'Pocket Cosmet'' (cosmetic regulation n°1223/2009)


The Biocide Guide (Biocide regulation n°528/2012)


The CLP Guide (Regulation EC No 1272/2008)


The Label Guide for CLP


REACH Authorisation Guide (Annex XIV of Regulation EC No 1907/2006)


Distributed for free, fact sheets are available in English and French!

Contact us to obtain yours : contact@ecomundo.eu

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