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Company ASEPTIC Cabine for Filling machine


ASEPTIC Cabine for Filling machine

Publié le : 16-03-2015

BPH Engineering has delivered a Aseptic cabin  for Merck group CAEN
The cabin has been developed following the expression of a need for teams.

The main criteria were
- Safety Operator
- Safety, Quality Product

On the basis of the expressed needs, we have developed a removable aseptic cabin, Material 316 stainless steel flush doors, without retention area.

B. Choisnet
06 13 37 05 16

Engineering - Consulting - Assistance
Blow Admiral Boulevard 56-60
76600 - LE HAVRE
Std: 02 35 45 03 92
Fax: 02 35 47 35 23

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